Have an opinion on local tourism? We need to know

September 23, 2019 – Have an opinion on local tourism? Take a minute to tell us all about it.

The Flagler County Tourism Office, also known as Palm Coast and the Flagler Beaches, is conducting a resident awareness SURVEY to judge resident perception of its efforts and identify areas for improvement.

“We have partnered with Jennifer Barbee of Destination Innovate to help us in developing a stronger relationship with our community,” said Interim Tourism Development Director Amy Lukasik. “We want to ensure our community is aware of the positive impacts tourism has on our lives in beautiful Flagler County.”

Lukasik, on behalf of the governing Tourism Development Council, is asking all residents to participate in this short SURVEY, which takes only a minute to complete. Responses will be compiled and evaluated on October 15.

“We urge everyone to complete the survey so their voice can be heard,” Lukasik said. “We need this feedback so that we can better serve all of our residents.”