Firefighters mobilize to NC

              September 11, 2018 – Flagler County Fire Rescue is deploying today one Rescue Team and two Strike Team Leaders to Raleigh, North Carolina to assist with hurricane response.

“Flagler County knows too well how critical the first responders are to residents faced with a hurricane,” said Commission Chair Greg Hansen. “We’re very proud of the men and women who are going to lend their skills and support to those in the path of Hurricane Florence.”

The Flagler County Strike Team is one of five traveling from Florida in order to provide an immediate Emergency Medical Service (EMS) response to Hurricane Florence.

Richard Bennett and Jason Powell are deploying as Strike Team Leaders, and Dave Lawrence and Kyle Najpaver are deploying with an ambulance attached to Strike Team 301, with two rescues from St. Johns County and two rescues from Clay County.

“We ask that Flagler County keeps both our local responders and the communities to our north in their thoughts,” said Fire Chief Don Petito. “No one wants to hear that any community may be facing a life-threatening storm, but we do feel confident that our team is well trained, well equipped, and prepared to make a difference in the deployment area.”

The Flagler County Strike Team is tasked with providing advanced emergency medical care, evacuation support, medical monitoring, patient movement, and general EMS agency support. The responder teams are required to be self-supporting and prepared with all equipment and medical supplies required for 12-hour shifts over the course of the 8-day deployment.

Flagler County IT Administrator/E911 Database Specialist Suzanne Eubanks was also notified to expect deployment as part of the Northeast Florida All Hazards Incident Management Team and to anticipate travel on Wednesday or Friday, pending orders later today.

Ms. Eubanks typically fills a Logistics Section Chief role upon deployment.

“Flagler County has received an outpouring of assistance for our emergencies in the past,” said Craig Coffey, County Administrator.  “We hope to return that assistance and pay it forward to our friends to the north in their time of need.”