Go with the Flo, make hurricane preps

September 6, 2018 – No need to tell anyone in Flagler County that hurricanes are no laughing matter after being hit twice within 11 months. It is unlikely Hurricane Florence will do more than increase the size of the ocean swells over the next week.

The National Hurricane Center on Thursday said the storm is still more than 1,000 miles out to sea, and is not currently forecast to directly impact Flagler County.

“Currently, the biggest threat to Flagler County will rough surf and strong rip current conditions,” said Flagler County Emergency Management Chief Jonathan Lord. “We encourage all beachgoers to be aware of these rip currents and stay out of the water if you don’t know how to avoid them, or swim parallel to the shore to get out of them.”

It is important to remember that September is National Preparedness Month, and the peak of the hurricane season in Flagler County.

Visit www.flaglercounty.org/emergency to sign up for AlertFlagler notifications, as well as information about how to get a disaster kit, make a disaster plan, and become informed about the risks in our community.

“We want all of our residents to be safe, and stay safe,” said County Administrator Craig Coffey. “Storms make us a little more anxious after the last two years, but the best advice we can offer is to be appropriately cautious and to be prepared.”