Vacation Rental Certificate fees reduced

August 2, 2018 – Flagler County is in the process of reducing the fee schedule for Vacation Rental certificates, including the initial application, annual renewals, transfer of ownership and modification.

The initial fee schedule was adopted by resolution in conjunction with the ordinance establishing Flagler County’s Short-term Vacation Rental Program in March 2015.

“Staff monitored the impacts of the various aspects of the program and determined the fees approved in 2015 were disproportionate and should be reduced,” said Planning Director Adam Mengel.

Once approved, fees will be as follows:

  • Certificate application will be reduced from $500 to $400
  • Certificate annual renewal will drop from $250 to $200
  • Certificate transfer of ownership will also be reduced from $250 to $50
  • Certificate modification will change from $150 to $50

“Fee schedules are in place to cover costs,” County Administrator Craig Coffey said. “We want those fees to align with the costs of providing the service and ensure that we are fair in working with our tourism partners.”