Hurricane Matthew after-action progress report

June 26, 2018 – Flagler County has released a Hurricane Matthew after-action progress report to document the strides made to solve the 25 identified issues identified during the formal review of the event.

“This report highlights the significant successes that have already occurred,” said County Administrator Craig Coffey. “The impact of the progress made was apparent after Hurricane Irma, and these achievements – together with many other initiatives underway – provide a strong framework that will continue to guide Flagler County in its response during a disaster.”

The information is presented in a table format with a symbol key to indicate the amount of progress made toward the goal.

Checkmarks denote accomplished solutions. Continuous circle symbols acknowledge ongoing or reoccurring actions. A long green arrow indicate significant advancements toward the solution, while a yellow arrow shows moderate strides have been made, and an orange arrow means the progress is limited and further effort is required.

“This is a very encouraging report,” Commission Chair Greg Hansen said. “The level of cooperation between agencies and the dedication of staff and volunteers is tremendous. We continue to enhance our response capabilities – even though we hope we won’t need them for a long time.”

To review the reports click on: Hurricane Matthew Progress Report, Hurricane Matthew After-Action Report, or Hurricane Irma After-Action Report.