Building inspections skyrocket

May 16, 2018 – Construction in unincorporated Flagler County has been extremely active, and Wednesday’s scheduled building inspections – nearly 100 – are a testament to that fact.

“We’ve been averaging about 70 per day,” said Chief Building Official Mark Boice. “But 60 is a busy day for four inspectors. Anything more than 15 (per inspector) is a full day.”

Once a request for an inspection is requested, Flagler County has up to 48 hours to conduct the inspection but inspections are typically completed within 8 hours.

After completing today’s workload, the Flagler County’s team will temporarily handle building inspections in Flagler Beach to assist the city while its inspector is away for the next five days.

“Our staff is always ready to pitch in to help out the municipalities when they need it,” said County Administrator Craig Coffey. “The Building Department is prepared to meet the demands of the construction community, while providing excellent customer service.”

The Building Department is one of Flagler County’s enterprise funds – meaning that none of its $1.9 million budget comes from property taxes, as all of its revenue is generated through fees.

“The Building Department is set as an enterprise fund by state statute,” Boice said. “Our revenue has to be spent on enforcement of the Florida Building Code.”

The level of development activity in Flagler County is also impacting the workload for Central Permits, Zoning, and Growth Management.