Water Providers and Districts

Water services within Flagler County are facilitated by seven (7) separate providers. Please contact the correct corresponding utility company of provider with questions about service or to report a water line break or a sewer blockage.

Flagler County Utility
          Town of Beverly Beach
          Eagle Lakes Subdivision
          Plantation Bay Subdivision

City of Palm Coast 386-986-2350

City of Flagler Beach 386-517-2000
City of Bunnell 386-5437-7500

Dunes Community Development District 386-445-9045
          Hammock Dunes
          Ocean Hammock
          Hammock Beach
          Yacht Harbor Village

Marine Park of Flagler 888-279-9194
          Town of Marineland

Volusia County 386-257-6000
          Fairchild Oaks Subdivision
          Sugar Mill Subdivision