Public Works FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

1, Who do I call to fixed burned out street lights?
Call Florida Power and Light at 800-700-8744 and provide the address and street name where the light is located.
2. How do I dispose of landclearing debris from my property?
Residents are requested to contact the county's garbage collector, Waste Pro, at 386-586-0800, for disposal requirements, dates, etc. The county does not pick up landclearing debris from private property unless authorized by the Board of County Commissioners under a state of emergency.
3. Who do I call about dead tree removal within the county right of way?
Call Public Works at 386-313-4136. If the tree has taken down any powerlines, do not approach the area. Call the Sheriff's Department immediately at 386-437-4116. They will block off the area and someone will contact the power company to repair the lines.