Protecting Natural Resources

Flagler County owns and manages natural areas throughout the county that allow residents and visitors to get outside and experience the unique flora and fauna found here, while conserving the county's unique natural resources. The Land Management Department understands the responsibility and actively works to manage these resources with the best interest of the public in mind.

Managing Natural Communities
Natural Communities are described by the interrelated functions that occur in nature between the plants, animals, soil and water within a geographic location. Managing natural communities is part of stewardship. Land Management monitors Flagler County's natural areas for exotic, invasive species, and providing control of them, when necessary. This helps to maintain biodiversity found in natural communities including endemic, rare, threatened and endangered species.

Prescribed Fire
Most of Florida's natural communities are adapted for fire. Where appropriate, managing Flagler County's natural communities with fire is part of stewardship. Implementing prescribed fire during favorable weather conditions helps control the extent and intensity of the fire. It mimics natural conditions for wildlife habitats while reducing dangerous fuel loads and wildfire threat, which protects residential areas.

Ecosystem Services
Land Management provides ecosystem services that maintain intact and properly functioning natural systems within Flagler County. These natural systems offer a clean water supply, abundant recreational areas, game and fish populations, as well as crop pollination and nutrient cycling that supports the local agricultural industry.

Land Acquisition
Flagler County's objective is to make the best land acquisition and management decisions to preserve and conserve natural areas for future generations. This is often achieved with the support of other agencies like the St. Johns River Water Management District and local State Parks. Land Management tracks the responsibilities and requirements of leveraged grants.

Public Use
Land Management works in cooperation with Flagler County Parks and Recreation to identify recreational opportunities for those who enjoy nature-based activities such as hiking, boating, mountain biking and bird watching. Providing access to these areas in their natural condition is an important part of fostering a sense of appreciation and stewardship with residents and visitors.

Volunteer Assistance
Flagler County Land Management has opportunities for a volunteer workforce. Those interested in assisting with land-management objectives, should contact Mike Lagasse, 386-313-4064.