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The Contractor Licensing Division provides information to those seeking licensure to promote and protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens through a contractor licensing and regulation system. It assures compliance with county and state licensing regulations, and is responsible for overseeing the operations of the Contractor Review Board. Additionally, it updates contractor records to maintain active status for permitting privileges in Flagler County, Palm Coast, Bunnell, Flagler Beach, Beverly Beach and Marineland.

The Flagler County Board of County Commissioners established both the County Contractor Licensing Program and Contractor Review Board in 2007 to manage local licensing.

To check the status of a contractor, click HERE. Upon arrival at the linked page, click on the appropriate search on the left. The "click here" link on that page is no longer live.

Don't Hire Unlicensed Contractors

"Handyman" is a term used by the Tax Collector for individuals paying a tax to have a place of business in Flagler County. The handyman trades are not construction regulated trades licensed by County or State Contractor Licenses. TAX RECEIPTS ISSUED BY THE TAX COLLECTOR ARE NOT CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTOR LICENSES.

In most circumstances you may act as your own contractor subject to statutory limitations. You will be required to read and sign an Owner/Builder Disclosure Statement. More information is available at the Central Permitting document center.

Chapter 8, Sec. 8-16. - Regulatory requirements 
Advertising to perform building/construction work without a Contractor's License is against the law, as is performing the work. Those operating illegally will be prosecuted to the fullest extent allowed per the Contractor Licensing Ordinance and state law.
(a) Display of contractor's license number

     (1) All construction advertising shall be in compliance with F.S. §§ 489.119 (6), and 489.521 (7), as amended. Any contractor regulated pursuant to this Code shall display a state license or registration number, or an authorized contractor's license, as applicable, in any advertisement aired, circulated, displayed, distributed or marketed within the county that offers services of the contractor regulated by this Code. 
     (2) When advertising on a vehicle, the minimum height of each number or letter of the license numbers shall be one (1) inch high. Any vehicle being utilized for construction related activities shall be marked in a manner which clearly exhibits a valid county authorized contractor's license number or state certification or registration number in a minimum of one (1) inch letters, together with the name of the authorized contractor, the name of the entity in which the license holder is conducting business (if not conducting business as an individual) and the type of license held. Employee-owned vehicles used only for transportation to and from construction sites are exempt from this requirement. 
     (3) If a vehicle bears the name of a contractor or business organization, or any text or artwork which would lead a reasonable person to believe that the vehicle is used for construction related activities, the registration, certification or authorized contractor's license number must be conspicuously and legibly displayed along with the name, text, or artwork, as set forth in F.S. § 489.119(6)(c), as amended. 

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