Code Enforcement


The Code Enforcement Department monitors abandoned structure demolition projects in the County. The office seeks resolution of code violations in the unincorporated areas of the county. During turtle nesting season, Code Enforcement patrols 10 miles of beach to maintain turtle lighting compliance. 

Budget Summary

Assistance to Other Departments
The department assists the licensing manager with:

  • Notification and documentation for the Contractor Review Board
  • Personal delivery service of notices to appear before the Licensing Board for unlicensed contractors
  • Any sting operations they may have in Flagler County
Code Enforcement also works closely with the Building Department on such cases as unpermitted building, expired permits, and new mobile home inspections. The department works with the Planning Department with issues such as unpermitted signs, illegal tree cutting, posting notices of public hearings, and many other land development code issues they may have. 

Additionally, Code Enforcement helps the Growth Management engineer with issues such as encroachment of rights of way and unpermitted work in rights of way. 

Top Five Code Enforcement Violations
  • Working without a building permit
  • Article X: Abandoned Structure
  • Illegal signs
  • Litter
  • Encroachment of wetlands

Frequently asked Code Enforcement Questions
1. If I make a complaint will my name go on record?
          Yes, in accordance with the Sunshine Law, all complaints are public record including the person's name filing the complaint. You may choose to remain anonymous but will not receive any follow up information from the Code Enforcement Officers.
2. Do you look at other properties other than the one that was reported?
          Yes, when a complaint is filed about one property our inspectors look at the entire neighborhood for violations.
3. Does my construction need a permit?
          Probably. A good rule of thumb is prior to any construction call Central Permitting at 386-313-4003 to ascertain if a permit is required.
4. What do Code Enforcement Officers enforce?
          The Code Enforcement Officers enforce violations with the county's code found on the outside of the home. Flagler County Building Inspectors enforce building codes. Code Enforcement also enforces the Land Development Codes dealing with zoning violations.
5. Who enforces the lighting ordinance to protect sea turtles?
          Code Enforcement Officers patrol the beach during turtle season (May 1 - October 31) on a non-routine basis. Find more information on Sea Turtles and Lights.
6. What is Flagler County's policy on signs?
          Flagler County has a sign ordinance that is strictly enforced. The ordinance specifies sizes, defines types of signs and outlines the prohibited uses. 
7. What is Flagler County's policy on abandoned or junk cars?
          Untagged and abandoned vehicles that can be seen from the public right-of-way are considered litter and will be cited.

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