Building Department

The Building Department reviews building plans and conducts required building inspections, assesses potentially dangerous structures, and posts unsafe notices as needed.

The department also:
  • Communicates with contractors, developers, citizens, and design professionals on code related issues, and maintains all permitting records as required by state law
  • Provides a licensing program for locally licensed and registered contractors to work in Flagler County according to state law
  • Monitors and regulates contractors' files to ensure proper licenses and insurance are in compliance with local and state regulations (when not in compliance, coordinates and notifies proper agencies of violations)
  • Educates contractors and the public to the functions of the Building Department and associated codes, ordinances, laws, and rules
  • Reviews plans and inspections for the Flagler County School Board and the City of Flagler Beach as requested through inter-local agreements

Codes • Ordinances • policy
Flagler County has adopted Florida Building Code 2014 series and National Electrical Code 2011. 

Wind Speed Ordinance
Wind Speed Line Map
Mechanical Policy - Affadavit
Shed Policy

Monday through Friday • 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
1769 E. Moody Blvd., Building 2
Phone: 386-313-4003 • Inspection Line: 386-313-4090 • Fax: 386-313-4102