History of the Sheriff's Operations Center

Flagler County made every effort to compile a comprehensive timeline (below) of the processes, procedures, and communications associated with the transformation of the former Flagler Memorial Hospital to the Sheriff's Operations Center and current events. However, there is the possibility that something may have been inadvertently missed. We will continue to add to the timeline as warranted.

*Note: This list does not include documents and correspondences of the Flagler County Sheriff's Office as the Flagler County Board of County Commissioners is not the custodian of those records.

ESi Report and Vapor Barrier images

Link to ESi Report and Attachments (1745 pages - please be patient)

1993/July 20                          Treated Groundwater Discharge Building Permit for Flagler Memorial Hospital – RBA Assoc.
2000/September 8            Limited Access Survey for Asbestos Materials for Flagler Memorial Hospital – Pb03 Environ. TestingLimited Access Survey for Asbestos Materials for Flagler Memorial Hospital – Pb03 Environ. Testing
2002                                        Building Vacated (hospital moved to new location in Fall 2002)
2002/June                              Report of Building Construction/Renovation Study – Gibraltar Design
2006/August 22                   City of Bunnell Ordinance 2006-23 Vacating Unnamed Street (Sheriff's Ops Center Site)
2006/August 24                   Bradco Statement of Abatement of A.C.M. from the Building
2010/January 13                   County Receipt of Construction Plans for Hospital Renovation – BETNR Construction
2012/September 27            Summary Appraisal Report - Hamilton & Jacobs
2013/April 19                         Option Agreement for Sale & Purchase with Flagler Crossroads
2013/May 6                           Former Hospital Building Option Presentation to Commission
2013/May 6                           Purchase of Former Hospital Building Staff Report
2013/May 22                         Engineers Cost Estimates for Proposed Sheriff Building
2013/June 20                        Real Estate Appraisal – Cooksey & Associates
2013/June 20                        Real Estate Appraisal – Hamilton & Jacobs
2013/June 27                         Final Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment – UES
2013/July 17                           Final Professional Consultant Services Report – UES
2013/July 17                           Asbestos Report Exec. Summary - UES
2013/July 22                         Appraisal Review – George Goodman
2013/July 26                          Condition Assessment Report – DJ Designs
2013/July 30                         Infectious Disease Opinion – Mark Wallace
2013/July 30                         Operations Center Comparison
2013/August 1                       Presentation at BOCC Workshop on Options for Sheriff Ops Center
2013/August 1                       Minutes of County Commission Workshop on Former Hospital and Sheriff’s Operations Center Options
2013/August 1                       Minutes of Special Meeting and Vote to Purchase Former Hospital
2013/August 9                      Bunnell Letter of Support for Former Hospital Purchase for the FCSO Operations Center
2013/September 16            County Purchased Former Hospital Building
2013/October 23                 RSQ for Professional Services for Sheriff's Operations Center
2014/May 4                           Presentation to BOCC Regarding Hospital Wings
2014/June 13                         Schematic Design Submittal - TTV Architects
2014/October 30                PART A and PART B - Invitation to Bid for Construction of New Sheriff's Operations Center
2014/December 1               Notice of Award and to Procure - CC Borden
2014/December 16             Borden Construction Contract
2014/December 17             Non-Hazardous Waste/Asbestos Manifest Request Receipt by City of Jax at Trial Ridge Landfill
2014/December 17             Friable Asbestos Manifest (demolition debris) Receipt at Trial Ridge Landfill (City of Jax) - Waste Mgmt
2015/January 7                    Darcco Environmental Letter of Completion of Asbestos Abatement - former hospital and food bank building
/January 8                    Notice to Proceed for Construction - CC Borden
2015/February 20               First Amendment to CC Borden Construction Contract
2015/March 30                    Atlantic Engineering Services site visit - Report released March 31
2015/March 30                    Second Amendment to CC Borden Construction Contract
2015/June 19                         Rebuttal to Rotten Wood Facia Claims
2015/October 2                   Building Dept Inspection Report
2015/October 2                   Certificate of Occupancy
2015/November 3               FCSO Operations Center Ribbon Cutting (Agenda)
2015/December 22             PART A and PART B Overall Building Plans with Bid Options Drawings Received – TTV Architects
2016/January 29                  Operations Center Proposed Additions
2016/April 26                       Certificate of Final Completion
2016/April 26                       Final Completion Tab
2016/September 21           Inspection Report for Reroofing of Outbuilding
2017/February 28               Permit for Demolition of Building Wings
2017/November 2              Email to County from Sheriff Ofc Acknowledging Quick Response on Room 129 Concerns
2017/November 7              Email to County with Bacteria Service Agreement for Mold Inspection – H2H Indoor Air Solutions
2017/November 8              Email to County with Inspection Date – H2H (Date Later Changed from 11/9/17 to 11/20/17)
2017/November 14             Email from County to Jack Bisland Regarding Inspection on 11/20/17 and Processes
2017/November 14             Email from County to Sheriff Office Regarding Requesting Inspection on 11/20/17
2017/November 14             Email from Jack Bisland to County Confirming 11/20/17 Inspection Date
2017/November 14             Email from Sheriff Office to County Forwarding info to Sheriff Staly Testing and Processes
2017/November 14             Email from Sheriff Office Confirming 11/20/17 Inspection and Processes
2017/November 14             Email to H2H with Approval for 11/20/17 Inspection
2017/November 14             Email Confirmation from County to Sheriff Ofc for 11/20/17 inspection
2017/November 17             Email from Sheriff Office to County Acknowledging 11/20/2017 inspection
2017/November 27            Allergen Analysis for Fungi Spores & Particles Report – EMSL for H2H
2017/November 29            Rapid Detection of Molds Report – EMSL for H2H
2017/December 12             Commercial Indoor Air Quality Assessment Report– H2H
2017/December 13             Email to County from H2H with Commercial Indoor Air Quality Assessment Report
2017/December 19             Mold Remediation Protocol Report – H2H
2017/December 19             Email of Staff Receipt of Mold Remediation Protocol Report
2017/December 20            Email to Sheriff Ofc with Mold Remediation Protocol Report
2017/December 20            Email to ServPro Requesting Estimate for Remediation
2018/February 6                 Environmental Mycotoxin Panel Report – Real Time Lab
2018/February 8                 Email from H2H Regarding Testing Procedures
2018/February 8                 Rapid Detection of Common Molds Report (Rm 129 and IT Room) – EMSL for H2H
2018/February 9                 Water Culture Tests – EMSL for H2H
2018/February 12                Email from H2H Regarding Testing
2018/February 14               Email from Health Dept Regarding Water Testing
2018/February 16               Invoice for Inspection Fee for Cultural Fungi Testing – H2H
2018/February 22               Rapid Detection of Common Molds Report (Rm 129 and IT Room) – EMSL for H2H
2018/February 26               Email from H2H Regarding Second Clearance Test
2018/March 2                      Health Department Summary of Interviews with Operations Staff
2018/March 6                      IAQ Assessment – Mold-Spec
2018/March 8                     Mold Inspection Results – Mold-Spec
2018/March 9                     Email from H2H Noting Waiting for DNA Results of IT Room
2018/March 12                    Rapid Detecting of Common Molds Report (IT Room) – EMSL for H2H
2018/March 28                   Email from H2H with Estimated Air Quality Tests for 211; Sample Lab Report; Onsite Testing Device; and EPA GuideEmail from H2H with Estimated Air Quality Tests for 211; Sample Lab Report; Onsite Testing Device; and EPA Guide
2018/March 28                   H2H Cost Estimate for Indoor Air Quality
2018/April 3                        Environmental Analysis for Mold, Dust Samples Collections
2018/April 4                        Correspondence with Darcco for Removal of Asbestos in Outbuilding
2018/April 5                        Notice of Demolition or Asbestos Renovation Form Signed by County for Wings
2018/April 10                      Rapid Detection of Molds for IT Room - EMSL
2018/April 12                      Commercial Indoor Air Assessment Report – H2H
2018/April 12                       Notice from FDEP of Failure to Submit Written Notification of Demolition
2018/April 23                      Correspondence with FDEP Regarding Asbestos Removal
2018/May 3                         Executed Consent Order - Former Hospital Demolition
2018/May 29                      Emails String between Joe Mayer and Mark Strobridge ref Pulmonary Specialist
2018/May 29                      Email from Sheriff to Employees
2018/May 29                      Letter from Sheriff to County Regarding Building Concerns
2018/May 30                      County Statement Regarding Operations Center
2018/May 30                      Preliminary Report from Dr. Hejklar
2018/May 31                        County Staff Notes from USEPA Assistance
2018/June 4                         Email from Sheriff Staff (Annie Conrad) Regarding Her Illness
2018/June 6                        Memo from County to BOCC with Sheriff's Operations Center Update
2018/June 6                        Sheriff Email to Employees with Update and Testing Info
2018/June 6                        Work Estimate from Dr. Hejzlar
2018/June 7                        County Request for Testing for Mold in Marijuana
2018/June 7                        Email from Dr. Hejzlar Regarding Mold in Marijuana Testing
2018/June 7                        Emails Regarding Medical Records from Sheriff Employees
2018/June 7                        County Confirmation of Office Space at Courthouse
2018/June 7                        Request to Preserve Evidence from Building
2018/June 7                        Email from Sheriff to Staff with Relocation Plan
2018/June 8                       Request for Conference Call to Finalize Scope of Work for Phase 2
2018/June 8                       Email from Michael Roper Regarding Preservation of Evidence
2018/June 8                       Email from Sheriff Regarding Relocation Schedule
2018/June 8                       Email from Sheriff Regarding Workers Comp Claims
2018/June 11                      Notification of Date for Radiation Inspection of SOC
2018/June 11                      Email from Sheriff to Staff Regarding Relocation Update
2018/June 12                     Email from Sheriff to Staff Regarding Relocation Update
2018/June 13                     Email from Sheriff to Staff Regarding Relocation Update                   
2018/June 14                     Radiological Survey by Florida Dept of Health
2018/June 15                     Letter from Sheriff to Dr. Bichler re: Medical Records of Employees of the FCSO
2018/June 18                    Zdenek Hejzlar Recap of June 15 Sampling
2018/June 18                    Email from Sheriff to Staff with Testing Progress Update
2018/June 21                    Statement of Qualifications for Mold Assessment - Dr. Hejzlar
2018/June 26                   Emails Regarding Request for Medical Records
2018/July 12                     ESi Report (full report with attachments linked at the top of this page)
2018/July 16                     ESi PowerPoint presentation to the Flagler County Board of County Commissioners
2018/July 17                     Email Regarding CDC Health Evaluation Consultation
2018/July 18                     Email to CDC Team
2018/July 18                     Email Attachment - Request for a Health Hazard Evaluation
2018/July 18                     Email Attachment - HHE Request Attachment
2018/July 18                     Email Attachment - ESi Report - Indoor Air Quality Investigative Report
2018/July 23                    Radon Testing Report
2018/July 23                    Associated Radon Services Invoice
2018/August 17               Letter to Hathaway re allegation of rottedwood
2018/August 17              Email response to Jorge Gabe Fuentes' 3 emails about FCSO Ops Cleaning
2018/August 17              Attachment to above email - Letter to Craig Coffey from Michael Roper re: maintenance activities
2018/August 22             Email from Sheriff Rick Staly and report of Robert A. Sweeney
2018/August 30            National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) info sheet re: evaluation at the Flagler County Sheriff's Operations Center
2018/August 31              Email from Craig Coffey to Mark Strobridge re: Additional Interim Measures
2018/October 5             Interim letter from the CDC
2018/December 20     Sheriff's Operations Center Overview - Memo for Record

2020/February 21         CDC Final Hazard Evaluation Report