Bay Drive Park

Project Schedule:
The anticipated start date for this project is March 18, 2019. The anticipated date for completion of the sitework is October 2019. UPDATE NOTE (3/22/19): The construction start date was postponed one week. New construction start date 3/25/19

Several questions were asked regarding distance (buffer) between improvements (pond, road, etc.) and the property line by adjacent property owners. An Exhibit has been created with some distances labeled to illustrate the buffer distance between constructed improvements (pond, roadway, etc.) and the property line.

Several questions commented about the dead trees that were existing on the site and asked if they will be removed as part of the project. Some of the dead trees will be removed from the site as a part of the construction of initial site improvements under contract with Cline Construction. The County will arrange for the removal of additional dead vegetation subsequent to the construction of site improvements as a part of a future landscape enhancement plan.