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Can I have subcontractors do some of the work on my job?
Yes. They must have a valid license for their particular trade.

Growth Management - Building Department

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1. How do I get a copy of my house plan?
2. Where do I get an address for my property?
3. What if I don't get my construction done in the allotted time?
4. Can I have subcontractors do some of the work on my job?
5. Do I need sanitary facilities on my job site?
6. When is a compaction test required?
7. How far from my property line can I erect a structure?
8. Who can tell me what I am allowed to build on my property?
9. Can my Notice of Commencement be filed in another county?
10. Where do I file a Notice of Commencement?
11. When is a Notice of Commencement required?
12. When can I have my power turned on?
13. Who is allowed to call for an inspection?
14. Do my plans have to be on the job site for inspection?
15. Are there fees for re-inspection?
16. When are inspectors available?
17. When I call for an inspection, when will it be done?
18. When is the latest I can schedule an inspection?
19. How do I request an inspection?

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